Sunday, 1 April 2012

"practical Magic "

a project to transform two dawn dolls to the characters from "practical magic" ..  Nicole Kidman and Sandra Bullock .. the girls arrived and were cleaned back .. hair removed and face cleared of make-up .. I have re rooted ready to be styled .
arrival ..  so a before we start picture ! 

I Have removed all hair and make-up .. and re rooted both ready for styling .. pictures below sent to me for ideas of what is required ...

it has been a little hectic this year with pippa convention, the convention doll was a  little special this year! and took over me lol ... back to normality , (whatever that is )  i have laid out the work i need to to and get my butt in gear.
so i have been working on Sandra and Nicole ..
I have painted sandra ! , i was not happy with the amount of hair  for Nicole's fringe so i  had to add a little more before  she was styled ..hence no make up yet!

The next thing to do is find some material to make their outfits the cardigans are interesting i do not knit so will have to find some soft knit ..material ..i have found the below fabrics  . be interesting to try tiny embroidery on the brown cardy. i found some very soft thin black for tank tops .. sandras is slightly grey so  i will need ot fade some a touch ..but its a wonderful weight of fabric
there are two fabrics i thought might work for Sandra ... will have to check ..

And here they are .. i am quite pleased with look .., its difficult to get exact fabrics  but i feel these are pretty fair .. It was interesting trying to get the rolled fringe for Nicole!. her cardigan was interesting i found a t-shirt material which worked well and hand embroidered the flowers ..