Wednesday 27 February 2019

Red Ridding hood

Pippa doll as Red Riding hood 
I am pleased with how she has turned out ...she will be winging her way to new home soon x

Tuesday 12 February 2019

Two gals getting ready

My dolls 
So need to start and need to practise so here are two ladies ready i have another one but i missed her on pics oh dear she will appear soon..
I have a blonde, redhead and black haired ..( ok so i know red head is missing at mo!)
I am not sure who and what they want to be yet so lets wait and see .
The black haired lady is a dawn doll and I have created a widows peak and pulled back her hair to a line. I stitched the hair to hold it in this place ( I use a one plug to go across to keep the line straight before stitching) .

So my blonde i am looking to make into a maiden style doll. I plaited her hair to create the wavy hair style and then added paint to face beautiful blue eyes .. next is her gown 

Dawn doll i curled the hair into ringlets and painted her face she is ready for her outfit too, i am not too sure what she would like to wear, going to have to sit in a pile of fabrics and see what she likes! 

Ok my red head dawn getting ready i curled the ends to a soft look style not sure she wants to be a fairy! hmm so I will be looking also see what she would like to wear. I have to think of some names for these gals 

Dark haired Dawn doll - Francessca
I made a beautiful gown for this little lady, the skirts are the finest softest creamy silk edged in vintage lace & bow detail, bodice is a fabric red and cream floral print. Jewellery tiny jet details. Headband & matching bag.
I am pleased with how she turned out.
I have two ladies going to be galads! so here are both with the bare bones of gowns sewn up and ready for next step. I have some gorgeous silk ribbon .. arrived this morning 

Finished the bare bones for these two one is a com the other will head towards ebay ..i am pleased they just need poppers and dresses a little iron ..

If you would like to see how these gals turn out then i will add pictures and their progress on this thread ..

Maiden & Red Riding Hood

Maiden & Red Riding Hood

two doll ready to go all cleaned up and scalped ... 

I have rerooted one in black saran and the other with mostly pale blonde few strands here and there softer and some darker.. they are ready for their next step! 

Red Riding hood so i fancied soft hair look with fringe .. and definitely green eyes! I bought some glorious red very fine silk which i think will be perfect for her i do need to work out dress though, Think i need to get some ideas on what she would wear under cloak of course! 

Maiden style doll so i have got to point of plaiting and her style is not set .. ready for face paint .. 
New face paint and some eyelashes she look more like smiling now !
They both just need their outfits now .. 
so I have two maidens on the go so i have basics for two dresses and just ordered some silk ribbon for them .

I got inspired woo hoo so i am after a slightly sexy but not too much with a gothic edge ...! i used very fine red silk, two layers for skirt with a little hitched up the bodice I made with black silk and over laid with some spidery web type fabric ..

Ok so I am off to bed but I have the basics completed so here she is in her new dress  so far i have tidied up and sewn together
Added some detail to bodice .  working on cloak today  

ok so a cape ... phew its harder than well i thought ... i think some investigating capes in future ..haha ..

so today I am going to work on galads i say s as i have one for com and one for sale.. I have created the bare bones for both dresses and bought some lovely silk ribbon .. here they are ready to get completed .. looks like a  me me situation  !
so two galads all dressed up ! dresses need poppers and a little iron you know that tweaking stage .. but happy with both gals ..

I will add their story on this thread as they progress 

Rescue of my own rescues!

So a couple of years ago i just decided to let go a little and I had a few heads I had re rooted but was not happy with, i ruined them with tongs! sigh* so they have been sitting in a box.
I decided i need a little umm lets say practise i have not re painted for while 
these lil gals needed some help as you can see so i thought lets try to rescue, have a little practise!

I have re washed hair and removed all makeup, i have cut the nasty ends and restyled to this so far
I wanted to practice the different end length to hair 
do they are more natural hair cuts ..I am pretty pleased so far ..

This pretty pip is I think going to be  the only one i can rescue, the other two are going to have to start again sigh* ahh well i am pleased with lil pinky here. she is ready to get an outfit ..again i will sit in my pile of fabrics and see ! 

If you would like to follow these gals being re saved! then i will add more to this thread as i continue ..Thank you



so here is Jasmine she is going to go for a new look
As she arrived and ready for to through the transformation ..then freshly scalped and cleaned 

I have re- rooted in black saran and added some greens to go with the fabric i have for her( will show you that later)

 I have created a widows peak along front of her hair .. and then held back and sewn towards the back of the head,  keeps it tidy and in place, she is now ready to have it styled 
(I usually knot in one thread and go across the hair to give me guide where to sew on the head)

Jasmines has had her curls put in, needs little trim in yet  like to leave a couple of days not to rush it . I have fabrics for Jas which i need to work out how to put it together and style of outfit 

Looking at Jaz today .. i have fabrics i think these colours are wonderful with customers fabric so we have a range of vibrant greens and blues .. i will use blue as an accent colour i think ..i may add some red not sure if its right .. 
I am gathering images on Pinterest to give me inspiration 

I have created a bodice using the wings of one type of butterfly then used the chiffon butterfly fabric to create a split front skirt. I am thinking black long boots and I am unsure of length re skirt. I have pinched up the fabric to the side, I rather like this effect. 

Butterflys ....  

 I have completed her make up and her dress just need a press stud and she will be on her way .. 
22nd Feb 2019

As her progress moves forward I will post on this thread how she turns out